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Remington is a beautiful 80 lb Bernese Mountain Dog.  He is happy, playful, sweet and loving.  He loves playing with his kids and being a part of the family and seems to get along with everyone he meets, both animal and human.  We are so excited to meet his puppies!! 




Jackson is a 95 lb Bernese Mountain Dog.  He is owned by some of our amazing friends and has been a great Daddy for us!  He is a great family dog, is funny, sweet and loves his people.   And, even though he is a big boy, he thinks he is a lap dog.  We just love his babies!

Jackson is available for stud. 


Finn is a super sweet 12 lb miniature poodle.  He is the gentlest mini poodle I have ever met.  Everyone who meets him just thinks is adorable. He is the Daddy to our mini babies.  He has phantom coloring but carries parti, so his babies are both phantom colored and traditional tri colored.  


Gibson is a beautiful 60 lb phantom merle standard poodle.  He is super sweet and loves his mama.  We are super excited to meet his babies and can't wait to add the Merle coloring to our babies!


Benson is a handsome 30 lb moyan poodle.  He is super friendly and loves everyone he meets both animal and human.  He loves going to class and hanging with the college students and his favorite place to be is in our laps.  We are super excited for the deeper colors he is bringing to our program. He is the best pup and we can't wait to meet his pups! 

Future Daddies: 


pc: Rachel Jeanne Photography
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