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Rio is a beautiful 60 lb standard poodle.  He is sweet and loving and yet has a regal air about him. He loves being a part of the family and seems to get along with everyone he meets, both animal and human.  He is playful and funny and loves to swim and play fetch.  At the same time he will sit patiently while my daughter wraps him in ribbons and bows.  He loves being where his people are and is always hanging out in the room we are in, laying at our feet, trying to get in our laps,  and snuggling close for some extra loving. 


Rio is a stud that comes to us from an amazing breeder in Michigan.  His puppies are tri-colored and beautiful.  



Timber is a beautiful 78 lb Bernese Mountain Dog.  He is kind and gentle and has a calm, mellow nature.  He loves his family so much and loves going wherever they go.  His favorite thing is riding shotgun in his Dad's truck!   


We are so excited that Timber and Sybbie are expected to have a litter of puppies in February!!   He is exactly the Daddy we have been looking for! Their puppies are going to be so beautiful and have amazing personalities! We cannot wait to meet them!!   

Timber 2.jpg



Zeus is a beautiful 50 lb Phantom Standard Poodle. He is sweet and loving and a big baby at heart.    He loves snuggling right into his mama's lap! 


Zeus comes to us from a breeder friend in Ohio.  He throws beautiful tri and phantom colored babies!! We are so excited to have Zeus be the daddy of a future litter.  His puppies are going to be so beautiful! We cannot wait to meet them!!   

 about getting on our wait list and getting a Christmas Special!!!

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