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Jersey is a 45 lbs standard poodle.  She is super sweet, clam, gentle and loves to snuggle. She is part of the welcome committee at our house and loves going to class with us and hanging out with our college student friends.  She is the best girl and we are so excited for her puppies!


Ella is a 75 lb F1 Bernedoodle.  She is the best mama and has beautiful F1b babies.  She is always happy, loves people and gives the best hugs.  We can't wait for her next litter! 


Esther is a beautiful 85 lb Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is super happy, funny, full of life, and loves everyone she meets.  She makes the best pups and we can't wait to meet her next litter! 


Lacy is an 80 lb Bernese Mountain Dog. She is sweet, gentle and loves everyone she meets.  Lacy has such a gentle spirit and we see it in each of her pups.  We just love her! 

Future mamas:

Hazel - Standard Poodle                        

Rain - Standard Poodle                        

Stella- F1 Bernedoodle                       

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