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Leia is a 75 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog. She is friendly and fun and loves being with her people. In fact, her favorite thing is being with her family. She loves romping around with our children but when play time is over she loves snuggling with her head in our laps or laying on our feet. We are so excited about her refined features and finer coat being crossed with a Standard Poodle. We can't wait for her beautiful babies!!


Leia and Rio had a new litter of puppies!   You can watch these beautiful tri colored babies grow up on IG and facebook!!    

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Sybbie is a 50 lb silver and white parti standard poodle. She is playful, funny and loves everyone she meets. She keeps us laughing and whatever the adventure, she participates with whole hearted enthusiasm. When we are done she loves curling up on the couch and sleeping with her head on our laps.  She is the perfect family dog. 

Sybbie and Timber had a beautiful litter of tri colored puppies!!!  You can watch them grow on facebook and IG!! We are expecting another litter from them in February.  

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